18 de junio de 2009

New Music Video "One And The Same"

Selena an Demi are VERY good friends, they even made a movie together!!!!!
So, check out this vido from them singing "One And The Same"
It just hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Demi and Joe?????????

They've been running rumors that Demi and Joe (Jonas) have been dating, since they acted together at Camp Rock and the were the couple, so it cou be possible that they actually are, and they worked together on the "Don't Forget"CD, 'cause the Jonas Brothers helped Demi with some songs like "La La Land" and "Get Back" and some others...they look good too, but what do you think???
Write me and tell me...do you rally think thyey're dating??? Do you think they look nice????

Demi Lovato at "Sunny With A Chance"

Demi Lovato's new Disney Channel series "Sunny With A Chance" it's just amazing!!!!!!
Love it!!!!!!
I,speially loved the episode 5, where she was like "Check it out, check it out, check it out" Hahahahahahahaha...
You can rate if you like the "Sunny With A Chance" series or not...rate!!!!!!

16 de junio de 2009

Demi Lovato's Biography

I thought that maybe for just stating ths new webpage, and because it is Demi Lovato's...I thought it would be necessary to write her whole bibliography, for you to know her better...

Whole name: Demetria Devonne Lovato Hart

Birth Date: August 20th 1992

Age: 16 years old

Family: Parents: Diana Hart ( I couldn't fo¿ind out about her father)
Sister: Dallas (19 years old)
Stepsister: Madisson (6 years old)

BFF: Selena Gomez (The Wizards Of Waverly Place)

Projects: She was on the 'Camp Rock' movie as Mitchie Torres, she was on the short show 'As The Bell Rings' as Charlotte Adams, she is, now, working on the TV series 'Sunny With A Chance' as Sunny Monroe, and her movie that is coming out on June 26th 'Princess Protection Program'


First of all, I wanna welcome you, all, for being here, in my new webpage, well, blogspot.
As you can see, I'm a total Demi Lovato fan, they even say I look exactly like her!!!!!!
Well, I just wanted to welcome you and to say THANK YOU for entering my webpage, it's such an honor...well, now that everything's ready, I should get started...