24 de agosto de 2010

New Members

Hey guys!! Well, as you may know I recently did an interview (which is not over yet but I wanted to write something today) that said that I could involve Miley Cyus in this blog and 4 people voted and it was 2 that would love it and 2 that wouldn't like it, so...what am I supposed to do??!!! Well, since that kind of didn't work I decided to just add someone else and I don't know who...maybe I should just stick to my old celebrity gossip blog which I totally forgot about too so yeah, I guess I'll start posting more "posts" haha in there and just wanted to let you know that you could visit whenever you want and it'd be really cool. Here's the link to that blog.. http://celebrity-gossip-news1.blogspot.com/ Check it out and tell me what you think!! comment, mail, vote, etc and just have fun!

23 de agosto de 2010

Kiss, Kiss, Kiss!!!!

OK, so as Camp Rock is coming out soon, there's been a lot of gossip around that there would be a kiss, well, let me tell you that gossip sometimes is true like THIS TIME!!!! Yes, you heard well, there IS a kiss, a Mitchie/Shane kiss, here's a video of the pic of that we all were expecting to see...(it's located on the bottom bar where all of the vids are)