5 de noviembre de 2009

Selena's New Movie: The Wizards Of Waverly Place

I know it's a little...well, too late to post this, but I just wanted to mention that the movie from Wizards of Waverly Place, the movie was just INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!
BUt that's my opinion and yours counts too,. so I posted a test for you to rate and say if you enjoyed it or not...

Demi Lovato and Joe...is it a coincidence???

There have been pictures like this one showing that Demi and Joe have the same bracelet, would it be the same one or just different ones that are alike???
Take a look at these pictures and see it by yourself...

19 de octubre de 2009

Are they OVER????

Ok, so they've been lots of rumors about Selena and Demi getting through difficult times with ths of being now famous and having some other friends, lovers and fans...but, the question is...are they going to say...Our friendship is over???
Who knows!!!! It's been truly difficult to sray in contact with each other, that's clear to us, but there have beendisagreements between them, would that be the end of their super relationship???
They've been friends since like forever, thy can't just put an end to it because of fame...I mean, they were like the best friends ever!!!! They supported each other, they had sleepovers, they were very similar and everything, but they're having some kind of trouble, do you think they're friendship is over??
Rate, vote, tell your opinion about this...leave your comments
Hey guys!!!!
Sorry I have't been writing anything, but it's been a little bit difficult, so...I just wanted to tell you that Selena's new CD: Kiss and Tell is already on sales now!!!!!!!!!!
I looked for it, but didn't find it, I guess it's not everywhere yet, but I hope i find it in a music store somewhere...leave comments of your opinions about it, please try not to leave mean comments cause, as you can see, this is a fan website not a mean website about them, so...just wanted to tell you that, hope you keep reading my blog!!!!!

2 de septiembre de 2009

Selena in the band NOW

As I told you before, Selena's having a new band, she has already recorded the CD, I really don't know when it's coming out, the only thing I've posted about that, is the new music video of her and the band (which, by the way, seems like it's JUST HER song) and she sings great,but I don'tknow...I just think there's something wrong about her voice, she like kind of goes out of tune sometimes...I prfer Demi Lovato in the singing, but I think she's more beautiful, but that's just MY opinion, I respect if any of you think the other way or just differently...

30 de julio de 2009

Selena in a new movie!!!!!

Selena will be performing a new movie called Gasper with Zac Efron, don´t know any details by now, but until I know something else, I´ll post it...

20 de julio de 2009

Just ONE Day Left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone!!!!
I just wanted to say that there's just ONE day left until Demi Lovato's new CD comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's titled as Here We Go Again
It has songs from the other CD Don't Forget...but I think that maybe she modified them or something...
And she has alrady started with her Summer tour 2009, she started on July 20th and ends on August 24...I wish I could go to at least ONE of those concerts but...I'm not that lucky...

Selena's having a band...

I know many of you alrady know about this and I'm sorry I didn't post it before but I just didn't find the time to do so...well, the truth is that I remembered about that just today and now, but I'm sure some of you don't know about this...
Well...it seems that she is not having her own CD, she says that she doen't like to be like "the center of attention" not that she sin't, but that she just didn't feel prepaired to be alone wit tours and everything that her own CD would take her to do...so, she's having a band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She's actually learning to play the guitar because she won't be alone in this anymore and it seems that she's the only girl in the band!!!!!!!!
Even though, that sounds like a VERY good idea, she may be very good by alone too...

7 de julio de 2009

Demi Lovato's New Look!!!!!

I know that everybody knows that she's got a new look but I wanted to add this to my blog...so here it goes...I'm going to put a before and after...

Demi Lovato was bullied?????

Yes, as you hear it, it's true...Demi Lovato was one of those victims that everybody just hates and chases for play back...cause???? Not detected, she doesn't even know why everybody hated her that much...
She was SO annoyed of all this, but the time came when the big thing happened...
She was in the gym, one day, and a girl couldn't find her shirt, so she said that demi stole it!!! Off course that wasn't true, so everybofy began to chase her through all the school and she hided in a bathroom, she called her mom and since then, she didn't came back to school, she is homeschool as I said before...Poor Demi!!!!!!! But when Selena figured out about his, she went to tell those girls not to croticize and bother her BFF...they're inseparable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Selena LOVES animals!!!!!

Selena is an animal lover!!!!!!!
She says she has 5 dogs, they were (most of them) reacued by her family and her and when she went to Puerto Rico she brought one that she found abandoned in the street, and she wanted to start a campaign against leaving dogs alone in the streets with no company...so she stared to shower the dogs and to take care of them...she's SOOOO sweet!!!!!!

What Selena thinks of Demi...

Here I'll let you know about the things they think of each other...as they are just BFF's FOR LIFE!!!! So here it goes...
Selena: 'Demi's perfectionist. But she knows how to criticize herself in a healthy way."
She says too that she (Demi) knows how to tell someone that she didn't like the way she did something but in the best way so that the other one doesn't feel bad about it...That;s SOOOOO sweet!!!!!

Selena has always wanted to be an actress...

Selena's mom is a director and when she had a play or something Selena went with her and memorized the lines and the scrip, she criticized the actors and since then she the acting career had called her attention...

Demi's got her driver permit!!!!

She's just one step up to have her driver license, she's got her permit and she says she wants to have a SUV...Here's apicture of one for you to know about it...

Demi Lovato NEVER had braces????

She never had braces, she has such a great and noticeable smile that never HAD a single brace, but she did had to bond her gap together because she had the front teeth very separated and the Disney Company told her she had to have them together, for it to look better...and she does!!!!!

Demi Lovato LOVES shoes...just like me!!!!!!!

Okay, so...Demi Lovato has 48 pairs of high heels in her closet, that;s amazing, she says she likes her collection, that's something she really apreciates, but I haven't noticed that...(sarcasm) hahahahah


I'm not against any of them...I mean...I'm a fan, actually that was a joke...the title, but I wanted to say that they, both, have strange likes, they like sitting st a table and eating pickles, lemon and salt...They're totally cowboy girls...hahahahahha

Selena's parents divorced...

I know you probably already know about this, but I wanted to point out that BOTH, Selena's and Demi's parents are DIVORCED.
The only difference is that Selena keeps going to her dad's and Demi doesn't, she's VERY mad at her dad that she doesn't even want to see him...But, BOTH motheres are already married again...That's funny, both going through the same problems...But that's serious...

Did you know...

Sorry for not posting anything, it's just that I've been ery busy these days, so...I'm going to post A LOT of new things...

Did you know that...
Selena and Demi met at Barney, but they met when they were in the line to the auditions, they started talking and they both got the part, at the end, Selena was very sad and almost cried because she was never going to see demi again, so their mothers agreed on homeschool them TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, since the, they have been taking classees together at home...

23 de junio de 2009

I have a new blog!!!!!

Hi everyone!!!!
Just wanted to tell that I have a new blog that you can visi, it's so updated and I will like you to know aout it...
It's celebrity-gossip-news1.blogspot.com you can get in whenever you want to, I will update news and tilers of the new movies, if you have any doubts or comments you can write to me...

22 de junio de 2009

Selena's New Look

Here it is a pic of Selena's new look, what do you think about it??
I think is great!!! But I liked the way she looked in long hair...anyway, she looks really cute!!!

Clevver TV: Summer Tour 2009

Hi guys!!! Well... thanks to Clevver TV, we have the next video of Demi Lovato's Summer Tour 2009 of her new album: "Here We Go Again" so I hope you like it!

Selena's BFF: Demi Lovato and Demi's BFF: Selena Gomez

They are the BFF's Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The are so good friends, they met each other since they were very little, they have been in Barney together and in the new DCH movie: Princess Protection Program, and they are in their new music video: One And The Same, I just love them, both, that's why I made this web page and I'm doing all I can to make it even better

Selena Gomez's Biography

Well...since I put Demi Lovato's biography, I think that putting Selena's would be a very good idea, so here it goes...

Whole Name: Selena Marie Gomez

Date of Birth: July 22nd 1992

Age: 16 years old (almost 17)

Was Born in: Dallas, Texas

BFF: Demi Lovato

Work: The Wizards Of Waverly Place, Another Cinderella Story, The Wizards Of Waverly Place: The Movie, Princess Protection Program.

Selena Gomez creating a new band!!!!

The actress/singer is, not surprisingly, "super excited" about starting work on it. But if fans of the 16-year-old, who stars in "The Wizards of Waverly Place" on the Disney Channel, are expecting it to be all about Selena, they'd better think again.

"I'm going to be in a band — no Selena Gomez stuff," she told MTV News last week. "I'm not going to be a solo artist. I think that I don't want my name attached to it."

The star said that the album will have a pop/rock feel to it, and she plans to play instruments on some of the album's tracks.

"I basically want to make music that is fun and that parents and kids can jump around to and have a good time to," she said. "I will be singing, and I'm learning drums and playing electric guitar."

She even wants to take a backseat at times during live gigs. "I would like to try it and kind of switch it up," she said. "When I do the tour and stuff, I would like to do maybe a section on the piano or on guitar or on drums."

And although a musical career is relatively new to her, Selena is determined not to bite anyone else's style. "You know the [Jonas] boys and people like Demi [Lovato] are my friends, so I definitely would not copy or do anything that they did. They're really good, obviously, at what they're doing, so I'm going to let them have that. But it's also just kind of fun to learn things."

Selena Gomez too!!!!

Well, I know that this page is dedicated to Demi Lovato, but since Selena Gomez is her BFF and I'm a super fan of her too, I thought that maybe it would be a great idea to talk about her too, so, here's my first article about her...

18 de junio de 2009

New Music Video "One And The Same"

Selena an Demi are VERY good friends, they even made a movie together!!!!!
So, check out this vido from them singing "One And The Same"
It just hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Demi and Joe?????????

They've been running rumors that Demi and Joe (Jonas) have been dating, since they acted together at Camp Rock and the were the couple, so it cou be possible that they actually are, and they worked together on the "Don't Forget"CD, 'cause the Jonas Brothers helped Demi with some songs like "La La Land" and "Get Back" and some others...they look good too, but what do you think???
Write me and tell me...do you rally think thyey're dating??? Do you think they look nice????

Demi Lovato at "Sunny With A Chance"

Demi Lovato's new Disney Channel series "Sunny With A Chance" it's just amazing!!!!!!
Love it!!!!!!
I,speially loved the episode 5, where she was like "Check it out, check it out, check it out" Hahahahahahahaha...
You can rate if you like the "Sunny With A Chance" series or not...rate!!!!!!

16 de junio de 2009

Demi Lovato's Biography

I thought that maybe for just stating ths new webpage, and because it is Demi Lovato's...I thought it would be necessary to write her whole bibliography, for you to know her better...

Whole name: Demetria Devonne Lovato Hart

Birth Date: August 20th 1992

Age: 16 years old

Family: Parents: Diana Hart ( I couldn't fo¿ind out about her father)
Sister: Dallas (19 years old)
Stepsister: Madisson (6 years old)

BFF: Selena Gomez (The Wizards Of Waverly Place)

Projects: She was on the 'Camp Rock' movie as Mitchie Torres, she was on the short show 'As The Bell Rings' as Charlotte Adams, she is, now, working on the TV series 'Sunny With A Chance' as Sunny Monroe, and her movie that is coming out on June 26th 'Princess Protection Program'


First of all, I wanna welcome you, all, for being here, in my new webpage, well, blogspot.
As you can see, I'm a total Demi Lovato fan, they even say I look exactly like her!!!!!!
Well, I just wanted to welcome you and to say THANK YOU for entering my webpage, it's such an honor...well, now that everything's ready, I should get started...