28 de marzo de 2011

Is Selena admitting she's dating Justin??

Look at this interview at Ellen, where she asks Selena about Justin, she doesn't really give an answer to the question of: Are you dating? But she seems like a little nervous...WHAT DO YOU THINK...?


Sorry I didn't upload the video, but the owner wouldn't let me post it in here...but check the link out, it's actually very funny

Demi and Selena BFF's again??!!!

Well, we were all super sad because Selena and Demi were kind of distant and weren't the same as usual. But here's evidence that they're reaching for each other and that they've finally made up!!! Which is REALLY exciting!! So, Selena twitted this picture of her and Demi...

And then Demi twitted back saying: "Fun dinner with @selenagomez" and the picture that Selena had twitted before. This is sooo cool! Seriously, I couldn't be happier for them :)

27 de marzo de 2011

Demi Lovato's finally back to Twitter!!

So, as you may already know, Demi's already back tweeting and this is a VERY good sign, it means she's already a lot better. But that's not the only reason why this is such a good thing. So, one day Demi tweeted Selena a picture of her on a Disneyland roller coaster and she said: "I miss you because apparently we’re one in the same..!!!” to which Selena replied: “hahaha flashback!! Oh, good times.” I'm SSSOOO happy that they're finally solving their problems and doing what real friends do...forgive each other!!! :) I hope they keep going like this and, luckily, some day they'll be back as BFF's