19 de octubre de 2009

Are they OVER????

Ok, so they've been lots of rumors about Selena and Demi getting through difficult times with ths of being now famous and having some other friends, lovers and fans...but, the question is...are they going to say...Our friendship is over???
Who knows!!!! It's been truly difficult to sray in contact with each other, that's clear to us, but there have beendisagreements between them, would that be the end of their super relationship???
They've been friends since like forever, thy can't just put an end to it because of fame...I mean, they were like the best friends ever!!!! They supported each other, they had sleepovers, they were very similar and everything, but they're having some kind of trouble, do you think they're friendship is over??
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Hey guys!!!!
Sorry I have't been writing anything, but it's been a little bit difficult, so...I just wanted to tell you that Selena's new CD: Kiss and Tell is already on sales now!!!!!!!!!!
I looked for it, but didn't find it, I guess it's not everywhere yet, but I hope i find it in a music store somewhere...leave comments of your opinions about it, please try not to leave mean comments cause, as you can see, this is a fan website not a mean website about them, so...just wanted to tell you that, hope you keep reading my blog!!!!!