2 de marzo de 2011

Sonny With A Chance no longer "Sonny With A Chance"??

Demi Lovato's show "Sonny With A Chance" had been temporarily canceled while the actress had time to recover and go to rehab. But, after about two or three weeks after she got out, they started filming the third season. Now, we know that the show is no longer going to be called "Sonny With A Chance" since the show is not the same without the lead role that was played by her and the title had her character's name on it, so what was the point on keeping the name of the character that is no longer appearing on the show?? Of course that they had to change it! Now it'll be called "So Random" like the show on the show! hahahaha But this is sad, because we all know that without Demi, there's no point on continuing with the show. Demi was the main character, the one that gave life to ever single episode, how do they expect to do ANYTHING without her?? They are also saying that not even Sterling Knight will still be on the show, since they're going to focus on So Random and not MacKenzie Falls anymore, this is not going to be the same, obviously, but we'll see how it goes...But, do you really think Demi is not being on the show anymore?? Or, do you think she IS coming back??

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